Vinyasa Flow is a very popular form of yoga. As the name suggests it is a flowing style of yoga, consisting of a series of linked postures and using the breath to take you from one posture to the next.

Expect to move dynamically in creative sequences and you are more than likely to break a sweat. Each class differs and can be developed based on the students needs that day and working certain body parts. There will be some strong flows where inversions are taken and slower paced classes that focus more on stretching and breath control.


Ashtanga is a strong, traditional form of yoga originally categorised by Pattabhi Jois. It is a style of yoga that is deeply rooted in its history and foundation and can considered a moving mediation.

It follows a set sequence of postures which pairs movement with breath and dristi (gaze). As you learn the sequence and put all these things together your mind becomes focused and your practice essentially becomes a form of meditation.


Hatha refers to the physical practice of yoga, this type of class is slower paced. These classes are suitable for yoga beginners or those looking for a more relaxed approach to their practice.

Focusing on pranayama’s, meditation and asanas this allows the student to cultivate a healthy body and peaceful mind.


Roll and release along with trigger point release is a system of yoga using blocks and solid rubber balls to intensively work with the myofascial layer of the body. This releases points of stuck fascia, stuck energy and creating length and ease without the wear and tear on the body.

After class you will feel like you have just been through a deep tissue massage, it is an effective way to gain flexibility and easeful range of motion whilst minimising the physical impact on the body.


Yoga nidra can also be referred to as yogic sleep. The goal is deep relaxation and learning how to be on your own in the moment. A typical class will combine restorative yoga poses with a guided meditation. A truly relaxing class to help you restore well-being to mind, body and soul.